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Floral wallpaper that’s fraying at the edges, shabby chic carpeting that’s more shabby than chic, and wood paneling that has clearly seen better days—while these features may have been all the rage at one point in time!

If you still have these designs in your home, not only are they outdated, but they’re negatively affecting the value of your home.

So, if you want to upgrade your property design, here are 5 home design trends you should replace right away!

1. Tiled Countertops

tiled countertops

It looked great in the 1970s! But, with durable, easier to clean, and frankly, more aesthetically pleasing countertop options available, it’s much better to leave this trend in the past and embrace the more fashionable choices out there.

2. Shag Carpeting

shag carpeting

Most interior designers have a love-hate relationship with shag rugs and carpeting. On the one hand, it’s quite difficult to maintain, and can get that shabby look very quickly. But on the other hand: the comfort!

Yet, if you want your home to retain a sense of modern contemporary style, we’d recommend sticking to low-pile carpets.

3. Terrazzo


Marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, sandstone—when there are so many great stone options available out there, why in the world would you ruin the aesthetic of your home with a terrazzo floor? Much more preferable because of the aesthetic appeal and maintenance factor, adding a marble or even tile flooring to your home and removing all that terrazzo will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

4. Fast Furniture

fast furniture

As with the concept of fast fashion, fast furniture has become all the rage. And in keeping with the spirit of it all, many people have now become aware of how destructive fast furniture can be for the environment. With the new wave of sustainable practices becoming a norm in the U.S., many homeowners are now doing away with their fast fashion choices, instead opting for a minimum amount of furniture, all of which will actually be useful for decades to come.

5. Wicker Furniture

wicker furniture

While wicker furniture might still look tasteful beside your pool or on your patio, it’s no longer a trend to use wicker furniture indoors to create a neutral palette. Instead, use full wood furniture to support a sandy, dusty palette, or brighten things up by incorporating bright features and furniture to the room.

Finding an Interior Design Guru

When in doubt about your home design, it’s always best to have an experienced residential interior designers Los Angeles on board to help you with your home renovations.

Celebrity interior designers in Los Angeles, such as Donna Livingston, help homeowners and property investors with designing trendy, modern homes that appeal to all tastes. Follow their guidance and upgrade your home. Turn it into your own personal Eden that’s fashionable and comfortable!

This blog was written by a representative at Donna Livingston Design, a leading interior design agency Los Angeles that offers residential and commercial interior design services

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