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So, what if your apartment is small and a little too cozy?

Considering that your humble abode happens to be in Los Angeles, you know you wouldn’t switch your serene space for any other place.

Only… if you have one thing you could adjust or add to it, it would be some light. Not just some, but an abundance of it!

But how do you do so when you’re boxed in by other buildings? Los Angeles-based interior designer, Donna Livingston, is here with some kernels of wisdom!

How to Add Light to an Apartment

– Clear Out the Clutter

Not just for bringing in light. But if you want to make your apartment look more spacious, brighter, and just cleaner, clearing out the clutter should be your first step. Adopt a minimalist design. Clear any and all bulky furniture to one side of the room rouse sparingly. Place floating shelves to clear out that wall clutter and swap your heavy drapes for curtains. The fewer shadows there are, the brighter your home will look.

– Add Mirrors

Strategic placement is the key! You want to create a path for the light stream so it can extend to all corners of your home. Create a maximum effect by adding more reflective surfaces and shiny metals here and there to track beams of light into your apartment, and just be sure to create a mode of light dispersion. You don’t want to create a sunray-under-a-magnifying-glass kind of situation.

natural light living room


– Lighten Things Up

You can’t expect your home to shine bright when you have black furniture that practically absorbs light!

When buying home features for decoration, pay special attention to how different designs and color combinations look when put together. Even if you have white walls, extra dark home features like rugs and furniture can cut down on that brightness quite a bit. A few touches of light gray here and there can make all the difference!

– Cleanliness is Key

Sometimes, the easiest option is the best solution.

If your apartment gets patchy light, try cleaning the outside panels of the window with a soft cloth. Use a gentle window cleaner and a microfiber cloth. If your apartment is located within the bustling city, your windows will probably have accumulated a film of dirt and dust by now. Clean your windows and remind yourself once a month to spruce them up.

– Give it an Overhaul

If you have enough of a budget to spend on making some additions to your home, get in touch with an interior designer and invest in special lighting features such as a skylight, added indoor lighting as well as sliding windows and doors. Create a strategy to use as much natural light as possible and talk to your interior designer about glass options that won’t fade your furniture or overheat your home.


When it comes to adding light to your home, it all comes down to knowing the right tactics. So, employ the ones provided above for your home. And if you need help, contact Donna Livingston, a celebrated residential interior designer in Los Angeles. Lighten up your home the right way!

This blog was written by a representative at Donna Livingston Design, a leading Los Angeles-based firm that offers residential and commercial interior design services.

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