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2019 was a positive year for the flipped home market.

With rates reaching a nine-year high in the first quarter alone, it’s expected that 2020 will be a profitable time as well, especially considering that millennials will now be looking to invest their money in residential property.

So, for those seeking to sell flipped homes, this is an opportunity to provide potential buyers with homes that’ll attract people by the droves.

How can that be done?

By bringing in a residential interior decorator Los Angeles on board to help turn that flop into the perfect flip!

The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

It’s easy to design a house. But it’s only an interior designer who turns that house into a home.

Taking the main details into account, how an interior designer adds that perfect touch is by repositioning different rooms for effective functionality. A well-fitted laundry room, bathrooms en-suite with efficient re-design, different finishes for different areas of the house, little tweaks in the details like paint colors, bath tiles, kitchen tiles, etc.

Interior designers look at the structure of the house from the future buyer’s point of view; how the home design can benefit the homeowner and how it can add value to the property for future selling purposes.

More than just decorating the property to reflect a homier feel, interior designers use their resources to make the property as useful and practical as can be for any homeowner.

making a house blueprint

The Question of Cost

Taking an example of a low-cost house, let’s say a flip investor would most likely spend about $3k–15k on rehabbing the property’s interior, keeping a few thousand for decorations and furnishings squirreled away.

Where an interior designer comes into the picture is by utilizing those few thousand dollars to give the home the look it requires. Keeping the cost-effective factor in mind, interior designers put that money to good use. In many cases, they even help flip investors save on their budget by incorporating multi-purpose features.

More educated about the different trends and styles in interior design, professionals in the industry assist architects and property owners to design a complete housing structure that—even if it is priced high—more than makes up for its cost by providing features and comfort you wouldn’t be able to attain in a normal flipped home with the bare minimum of essentials fitted in.

Finding an Interior Designer

Designers such as Donna Livingston have helped plenty of flip investors in Los Angeles. A celebrity interior designer in the U.S, experts like Donna Livingston, are your best bet if you want to sell a flipped home that’s reasonably priced and beautifully made.

This blog was written by a representative at Donna Livingston Design, a leading Los-Angeles based firm that offers residential and commercial interior design Los Angeles services.

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