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It’s been an anxious and nerve-wracking week, but we’ve been keeping busy here at Donna Livingston Design! I have been working on a big interior design project and have spent a lot of time working out details and plans with my team to execute a successful job. This past week, I went to the Pacific Design Center and visited a few of my favorite Los Angeles interior design showrooms. I picked out luxury furniture, fabrics and trims to present to my clients for some ideas. While visiting the showrooms, I saw gorgeous displays of new interior design collections from Baker Furniture and Quintus. I love coming to these showrooms to look for contemporary interior furniture and design. Here are some pictures from the showrooms:

The Pacific Design Center is a great place to look for interior design inspiration for my projects. These showrooms are great because of its seclusion to the interior design trade which protects interior designers and their craft. This is why it is so important to hire interior designers because we have access to luxurious textiles and furnitures that the general public cannot obtain. Interior designers also develop phases to make your interior remodels stress-free and efficient. Here are the guidelines I like to follow when I get on board an interior design project.

Strategic Planning Phase

  • Getting to know the client
  • Budgeting
  • Having a timeframe

With these three starting steps, I can get to know my client’s interests and how they run their day to day life so I can design a house that will make it their sanctuary. It is also important to get a firm budget and timeframe so that everything is within their means and is on schedule for the time when the family to moves in.

Conceptual Development Phase

  • Creating sketches and floor plans
  • Power points for design boards
  • Client review

After getting a good idea of what my client’s wants and needs are, I can create plans and sketches to help visualize their dream home. Creating design boards will help with clients know how their rooms will come along.

Design Development Phase

  • Conceptual design is approved by clients
  • Material selection
  • Floor plans converted into 3D sketches

Once the conceptual design is approved by my clients, I like to start picking out the design details of the house: the colors, materials, finishes and furnishes. Once this is all chosen, it is converted into 3D sketches for an actual view of how the house will turn out.

After each phase is approved, we move into construction and once construction is over, we do installation and add the finishing touches!

And for my favorite part: The final phase of the design process is showing my clients their gorgeous new home!

Interior design projects can take months to years to complete, but with the right team behind you, remodeling your home will be a breeze 🙂

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