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Your house is an empty shell until you introduce a little bit of your own personality to make it your own. A house with a couch can belong to anyone, but it’s your design and placement of furniture that makes a house a home. In addition to that, the impact and influence of decoration can’t be downplayed because of the crucial role it plays in enhancing your mood. When you come home from a long day at work, you can’t relax in a space that doesn’t seem safe or familiar to you, and that’s where interior design comes in.

If you’re planning to decorate your new house or renovate an old one to make it more suited for your needs, our residential interior design services in Los Angeles can help you create an interior aesthetic that emulates your preferences and is a true reflection of your personality. We focus on designing the space based on your personal style, preferences, and functionality needs before we combine them with our unique home interior design concepts that breathe life into your house. From concept creation, design development, and product selection to planning and specifications, staging and styling, and budget development, the renowned home interior designer, Donna Livingston can help you do it all!

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Redesign your home with our expert residential interior designing services in Los Angeles, California

Did you move into a house that already had all the furniture, so you didn’t feel the need to renovate? Now all the designs have become outdated, the paint is peeling off the wall, and the state of the furniture and floors is making you queasy. From improving the appeal of your house to helping you create a familiar and safe space where you and your family can feel comfortable, there are a plethora of reasons why you should renovate and redecorate your house. The design and state of the house is the first thing anyone sees, and whether you like it or not, people make assumptions about your personality and preferences based on how your house looks—so let’s give them something to talk about!

At Donna Livingston Design, we provide premier residential interior design services in Los Angeles. We take a keen interest in understanding your taste and preferences and come up with suitable, stylish, and unique design patterns that are befitting for your residence. Our design process is thorough and comprehensive; we make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to our customer’s satisfaction. From concept creation to design development, we ensure that your home renovation is on track with the schedule and well within the budget.

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