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Donna Livingston Before Aspen House

Before: Living Room 

Donna Livingston After Aspen House

After: Living Room

Donna Livingston Aspen Dining Room

Before: Dining Room

Donna Livingston After Aspen Dining Room

After: Dining Room

Donna Livingston Before Powder Room

Before: Powder Room

Donna Livingston Before Aspen Powder Room

After: Powder Room

The power of technology was a key ingredient to make this project successful. Working from my interior design office in Los Angeles, I kept in close contact with my contractor via FaceTime for updates on the construction site. Every plan, drawing and rendering was sent digitally, which allowed for an organized design process and scheduling. 

My clients were very communicable with their wants and needs which made the job smooth and efficient. They wanted a new living room design with an open and fresh concept. New hardwood floors were installed with updated window treatments and ceiling beams. We went with a neutral color palette and created custom-made furniture designed in Los Angeles to be shipped out to Aspen for installation. 

A painting from Jim Dine gives a pop of color to create a bold statement. With its subtle palette and amazing view, this room is comfortable and aesthetically beautiful to relax and unwind with friends and family.

In the dining room, we went with a simple but impactful interior design. We kept the same theme transitioning from the living room to the dining area. Neutral tones play throughout this space. Taking inspiration from the interior colors in the living room, we decided on six beautiful heather grey dining chairs and two accent chairs situated on both ends of the table. My clients loved the sleek and natural table which complemented the hardwood floors. 

For the lighting fixtures, we went with this rectangular chandelier design. This provides a modern and complementary touch to the space. A telescope was added to balance the room together, giving it a finishing touch. 

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are still in view through the dining room setting. A great sight to start your morning.

The guest powder room lacked character and personality. The pink wallpaper and lighting fixtures were outdated and needed a new face lift. To incorporate this neutral-color scheme throughout the house, we took down the bright wallpaper and added this beautiful tan patterned print as a replacement. The hardwood floors from the living and dining room were also added to the powder room.

Maximizing the storage in this space was ideal for my clients. They opted-in with this beautiful countertop and cabinet, which complements the wallpaper and overall theme of the house. We chose this beautiful vessel sink as a way to enhance the curvature of the circular mirror frame. One of my favorite techniques is to put a mirror on top of a mirror which gives the illusion of the space being big and grand. I made the decision of taking off the window and expanding the wall to heighten the room. 

We chose two wall sconces with the same theme as the lighting fixtures. This provides for a bright and illuminated space for their guests to retouch their hair and makeup. 

Having been in the interior design business for a long time, this experience was a breeze.

It was amazing to work with such great clients and helping them transform their home into something they love!

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