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You have good taste – you’ve always had an eye for design. You know what you like.

You like shopping for new ideas – whether it’s for a chic bedside table or some spring throw pillows, shopping is your specialty.

You like dreaming – but, don’t we all? You scour the internet late at night for your “dream ideas.” You compile your favorite furniture pieces, color palettes and assemble your ideal home.

Well, I say you are the PERFECT CLIENT because I make a road map out of all those midnight internet sessions. I bring together your taste and vision with careful attention to every detail.

Interior design is a serious business that takes day to day nurturing. There are endless responsibilities and mishaps – but the good news is, I take care of it all for you!

Do you really have time to go to the Design Center so you can get that discount? Maybe you will save some money, but isn’t your time more valuable? This happens to all of us. The truth is, our time is valuable, and I let you cherish yours while I do the interior design work.

While you are vacationing with your family for spring break, I am dealing with everything behind the scenes. You can lay on the sand and dip your toes in the ocean while I solve construction problems (and trust me, there are always problems). You will enjoy skiing down the slopes while I call the vendors to track that special elusive fabric. Eat a wonderful meal with your family while I go to the factory in East LA to check on the progress of your custom order.

Now that is my idea of the perfect balance in life. After all, family is your number one priority. Of course you also have your friends, business, and the other miscellaneous things that life throws at you. You can focus your time and energy towards anything you want – your interior design will be taken care of.

So, RELAX and have a margarita at your favorite mexican spot while I do the schlepping. Let me flip through hundreds of fabrics to find that special one that is just right for your space. I’ll sit in all the reclining chairs in LA and find the exact one you had in mind.

Your time is valuable. Spend it how you like, and let me bring your dream into a beautiful reality!

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